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Applicant authorizes Top Notch Distributors, Inc. to obtain credit reports to be used in connection with this application and to obtain further credit information from any persons or firm set forth in this application and from any other source, including credit profiles on individuals responsible for payment. Applicant further authorizes any bank or commercial business with whom the applicant is doing, or has done any type of business, to give any and all necessary information to Top Notch Distributors, Inc. which will assist in the credit inquiry.

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In consideration of credit being extended by Top Notch Distributors, Inc for merchandise to be purchased whether an individual or individuals, a proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation or other entity, the undersigned guarantor(s) hereby contract and guarantee to Top Notch Distributors, Inc the faithful payment, when due, of all accounts said applicate for purchases made. Payment shall be personally guaranteed irrespective of status or changes in existing business of which the undersigned is a principal (owner, partner or officer). Applicant agrees that in the event of default in any payment, to pay all costs of collections, including but limited to, attorney’s fees, court cost, and collection agency fees. Applicant certifies all information furnished is true and accurate, and will be relied upon in the granting of credit.

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